Split Depth Gifs

Split depth is a unique effect that works really well on Facebook and Instagram. The main subject appears to extend in the z-axis beyond the social media itself. These videos are really effective at grabbing the attention of viewers.

Split depth gifs have consistently broken engagement records across the board. They are always high performing, because of the nature of the effect and how it literally pops out at the viewer.

These first split-depth gifs are two that I made for the Dodge account. These are the traditional style – in-feed posts. Both achieved 2-3x the usual engagement for video posts on the Dodge account, and first one became one of the top performing posts of all time.

The first split-depth gif was made for the Dodge account, and the second was for Vin Diesel and the Fast and Furious Team. These two are examples of split-depth gifs that work as apart of stories as opposed to in-feed.

Here are two split-depth gifs I made for Experience Grand Rapids.